Image of a traffic in rainy day

All weather driving

Driving in adverse weather conditions such as snow, ice and heavy rain can make driving complicated compared to driving in normal dry conditions. During the Pass Plus course, you will learn more about controlling your vehicle in those conditions.

Photo of Royal Mile

City Driving

Driving in the city can be a little bit overwhelming and brings some new challenges. But don’t worry, you will learn how to safely navigate around the city and how to deal with those challenges.

Photo of a busy highway at sunset

Motorway Driving

Many new drivers have limited motorway experience. Some people avoid driving on the motorways as they don’t feel confident enough to drive on the UK’s busiest roads. Here at Big T Driving School we are happy to help you gain the confidence behind the wheel on the motorway.

Image of a Car in the city during night

Night driving

Driving at night is a completely different experience to driving in daylight. You will learn how to use your headlights, judge your speed and distance and how to maneuver in the dark.

Image of a Driver driving on Rural roads

Rural driving

Driving in the countryside brings new challenges. Blind bends and brows, more challenging overtaking, and the chance of meeting slow moving vehicles, pedestrians and animals.